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What we do

Fireforce offers comprehensive mobile emergency services to remote communities around the world. Our objective is to become an integral part of our customers emergency operations plan by assisting them with effective, strategic emergency preparedness. We build in resiliency and capacity to prepare for the predictable, and employ the right professionals to respond to the unpredictable.

Fireforce takes an all-hazards approach to emergency management in order to reduce the danger of fire and flood imposed upon families, homes, businesses, and surrounding communities. The innate nature of our business is to save lives and property making our commitment to customer care and service critical. 

The key to survival is training.  The more crews prepared, the more resilient we are.  We offer comprehensive training on  fire &  flood mitigation.  Improved response using advanced technologies and proven hands on workshops required by various jurisdictions. A common course we offer is our forest firefighter orientation.  

Handy Hydrant reservoirs are made to collapse and be stored in common compartments.  Light weight, and easy for one person to set up helps during emergencies to get water in place quickly.  The tanks have been third party testing for strength and durability as well as retain potability for days.  Fireforce offers emergency response workshops for both public and private.  The use of water reservoirs both ridgid and collapsable is a key tool during firefighting,  flood, and compromised  potable water events.

We offer a variety of moisture delivery systems from cottage to industrial structures.  The key to a good trailer system is to ensure you have a compliment of tested and validated equipment that is easy to use, ergonomically correct, backed by quality spare parts and tools.  




Risk reduction stretches far into the woodland areas.  We can reduce the intensity of fire through collabortive efforts to conduct more frequent and smaller controlled burns.  This results in a healthy eco-system and less intense fires reducing risk to our communities and resources.  During our risk assessments, we also build in defence zones proximate to structures to reduce damage and enhance business continuity.

Design to delivery  

We supply vehicles, trailers, equipment, potable water, firefighting water enhancers, water purifiers, and more.   Help us help your emergency management team to design, build, deliver, and commission key tools and training into your business or community resiliency plan.

Water delivery, storage, and purification

Pumps, hose, nozzles, sprinklers, reservoirs, and purifiers

structure protection

We have researched the best products in firefighting water delivery and structure protection

Flood Mitigation

Dams and dikes made to last

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you deliver from?

Dispatch is located in central Canada.   Our fleet of trucks and trailers are a mix of stainless steel tender trucks and emergency equipment trailers that deliver sprinkler protection, dams, potable water, water enhancers, and hybrid power/light systems to supply private and public agencies across the country and worldwide.  We are always on the go 24/7.

What products do you sell?

We take on products that offer the best environmental foot print and performance for emergencies focusing on water delivery.  Our lab is always in search for the best products to offer thorough research and development utilizing various application systems to test prior to releasing the products to the public.  Our 3 lab divisions are;

1) fire suppression and prevention

2) water filtration systems

3) flood mitigation

We carry many brands that cater to all users from home owner to government agencies.  Our goal is to always provide the best in product quality, quick assembly for easiest deployment, in the most compact formats.

What courses do you teach?

Our team of experts provide the skills required to execute tasks in the quickest and safest manner.  We have over 100 years of combined experience that we can  share with your team.  We conduct 1-5 day orientation workshops for our clients so that they can learn from our experience (Good and Bad).    Orientation on all equipment is “key” to being prepared for large scale disasters.  After understanding key areas of our clients risk reduction plan, we craft exercises that are customized to each of our customers environment.  A common course we offer is the SP-100 forest firefighter course offered pre-wildfire season.

Do you provide onsite emergency services?

YES.  We have a large fleet of apparatus and trailers backed with qualified crews to assist during emergencies.  Structure protection is our specialty.  We  also offer assistance during flood events and deliver potable water during post disaster events.

What equipment do you sell?

All products are sold as vehicles, trailers, & mobile kits.  All products are assembled, tested, packaged, delivered, and commissioned.  Designs often include pumps, mixing systems, hose, tanks, nozzles with custom bracketry assembled into closed vehicles, trailers, mobile carts, dollies, & skids.    For example; structure protection trailers can be supplied with or without the cargo trailer offering up-fit racking, shelving, work table, and storage bins with the necessary equipment to handle a designated amount of structures in a designated area.  We understand the large expense to our clients and will help in anyway. With a huge assortment of products offered in pre-packaged configurations we can deliver most complete kits in a few weeks from the order.  All equipment within the packages can be sold separately to compliment exisiting inventory.

Do you offer consulting?

Yes.  We offer consulting.  The first hour of consulting is free of charge by phone.  We work with your emergency management team to get the results your business or community wishes to achieve.  For customers with a limited budget, we can offer assistance with current grants offered through government or assist in raising funds through community sponsorship.   Sample plans are shared with our clients to build a sound campaign towards community resilience.  

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We are a member of FEMSA-Fire and Emergency and Services Association.  Our continued efforts to innovate with the right organizations of professionals is extremely important to us to ensure the highest quality and functionality of our products and services.

Thank you in advance for your business!

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