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We source for the best in disinfectant/sanitizing products and complete systems, so that you don’t have to!

Foggers & Sprayers

The majority of our application systems are manufactured in Canada.  This offers peace of mind when purchasing and ensuring fast response should a challenge arise.  We are proud of representing some of the finest manufacturers in Canada and look forward to sharing them with you.



The Pax electrostatic fogger offer a 3D grounding technique that covers all surfaces.  Ease of use and set up, broad spectrum of disinfectant can be used, complete 360 degree surface coverage, quicker application with better safety and chemical efficacy, and yes- LESS COST due to speed and chemical usage.



Sprayers offer peace of mind for extreme coverage using fine droplets to cover hard surfaces in very little time.  Great alternative to electrostatic fog on a budget.

Disinfectant & Wipes

Most of our products are designed and produced in Canada offering the highest integrity meeting Canada Health requirements.


All disinfectant are approved by Health Canada.



All wipes used are approved by Healt Canada and eco friendly.

PPE Supply, Dispensers, and Vending Machines

Next to skin and respiratory protection is what we know! Armadillo Merino Wool has been extensively tested to protect the skin from high heat, wick away moisture, and not Stink!

 Purchase or rent.  Our hygiene dispensers are made of high quality vaccuum formed plastic that can be mounted to walls, pedestals, vehicle seats, or simply place it on a table.  Our machine vending services offers wifi inventory monitoring so that we do the work for you.  We set it up and let the machine do the work.


PPE Supply


Dispensers and Machines



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