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We source for the best in fire, flood, and water purification systems, so that you don’t have to!

Water storage & purification

Kits made to last fitting into the smallest of compartments.  Fast deployment and practice is key.

Water Storage


The Handy Hydrant™ water storage system with multiple uses including firefighting, flood control, and potable drinking water

Water Purification

We offer gravity fed and 12 volt powered purification systems for emergency drinking water

Fire Suppression & Prevention

Kits designed to suppress and/or prevent structures from fire ignition built for home owners, commercial owners, and firefighting agencies


From home owner to industrial configurations, we have the package that can knock down any fire!

Fire Prevention


In most scenarios, prevention is all we have to fight against fires.  We do this by building moisture barriers and/or applying gel to structures adding further thermal resistance to the flammable fuels.

Vehicles & Trailers

All vehicles and trailers are designed and assembled for the task at hand.  We offer pre-engineered or custom designs to meet your needs.  Ask about our lease or rental program.


Our vehicles are designed with ergonomics and safety in mind.  All bodies supplied use a combination of quality aluminum extrusions and formed methods to maximize on strength to weight ratios.  We are proud to always meet current safety standards offering piece of mind to our clients.  There are a variety of pre-engineered designs to fit into tight budgets including a variety of stock and pre-owned vehicles that can be adjusted to your needs


All our trailer designs come as pre-engineered or can be custom fabricated to your needs.  We also offer stock trailers for a quicker delivery.


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